GTPL KCBPL is committed to offering the very best to our consumers and The FUNBOX reinstates our strong association with innovation and state of art technology. With the FunBox, we are offering consumers not only an avenue to satiate their entertainment needs but also unravel a complete home solution to meet the changing interests of each and every family member.


    CCTV camera support  Smiley face

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  • You can record all CCTV footage on the box using a pen drive.
  • It has 360-degree lens movement which can be controlled using your mobile phone or Hybrid set-top box remote.
  • The camera is also equipped with a microphone and a speaker which will help in clear communication through the camera and your phone.
  • The CCTV camera can be accessed from anywhere in the world using the K-secure application, a leading provider of IT Security Training and Services to corporations and aspiring IT Security Professionals.
  • Internet connectivity is not required for camera surveillance unless one wants to access the camera from anywhere in the world.

    YTB on STB   Smiley face

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  • High definition YouTube viewing without needing a Smart TV is another salient feature of this set top box.

    Mobile Casting   Smiley face

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  • With the GTPL KCBPL FUNbOX, you can project all your videos, pictures, music and much more from your mobile to the television screen.
  • Cast videos, photos and songs from your phone to the TV screen. All you need is the All-Cast App available on both Apple app store and Android Play Store.

    Google Maps and Weather UpdatesSmiley face

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  • You can also get weather updates and navigate Google Maps through the GTPL KCBPL FUNbOX.

Our offering is a complete solution for every member of the family. For the children, there is a glut of YouTube content to choose from while the parents would have the safety net of keeping a tab on their premises through CCTV camera. Meanwhile the whole family can come together and reminisce old vacation memories through DLNA, the mobile casting feature. Our new Hybrid set top box has features that have never been heard before in the industry.