Four years back, when the clock struck 12 at midnight, it was 15th August 2013, our 67th Independence Day, when GTPL KCBPL’s first infotainment channel - Channel ONE was born…

It was born for a reason – To provide full-fledged entertainment that speaks for itself.

This channel offers a diverse range of entertainment including travel, food, news, music, devotional content, as well as celebrity chat shows, which are very popular, and are considered to be the highlight of Channel ONE.

The 3 flagship shows are

  • Chol Onno Route
  • Resto Ranna
  • Obelay Adda

Chol Onno Route is a research based travel show, which focuses on rich culture and heritage, and miscellaneous offbeat spots and destinations.

Resto Ranna is a cookery show, wherein, Season 1 only showed a chef cooking the best dish of his restaurant, whereas Season 2 will simultaneously cover the perfect cuisine being cooked by both the chef in the restaurant and the celebrity or homemaker at home.

Obelay Adda is a celebrity chat show. Famous celebrities like singers Akriti Kakkar and Ash King, fashion designer Agnimitra Paul and many others have been a part of the show.

Channel ONE is the only channel, which is allowed to provide an exclusive coverage of live Aarti from the beautiful ISKCON and Jagannatha Temples in Mayapur.


ONE Sadhana is a devotional channel, where the main programs which are on discourse, showcase the life sketch of devotional personalities. Its popular show, Moksha, causes spiritual healing through Hindu texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the Puranas. The astrological shows help people gain knowledge about the history and rituals of the Kali, Krishna and Shiv Temples of West Bengal, as well as talk about pure astrological content like Raashis, Kundalis and Dashas.

ONE Movies – Cinematic Pleasure Guaranteed

ONE Movies Channel provides sheer entertainment to its viewers in the form of both old and new Bollywood and Tollywood movies. From romantic to comedy, action to horror, movies of all genre are showed by the channel. .

ONE Shopping – Go on a Gala Shopping Spree

ONE Shopping is a teleshopping channel, which acts as a digital marketplace, where people can shop and order a diverse range of products right from the comfort of their homes. Convenience at its best!

Advertisement on Channel One

Channel One is the channel of variety. The motto of our channel is to bring more and more offbeat shows for its viewers. The target audience is an amalgam of both urban and semi-urban people; this channel has become a household name among Bengalis. All the companies who want to connect with Channel One and wish to promote their services online via advertisements, please feel free to contact us.