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Know PPPoE

What exactly is PPPoE?

1) The customer connects to the internet through the user name and password, provided by the ISP

2) It is a protocol that uses DHCP (Dynamical IP). The user needs to create a dialup with the ISP provided user name and password, only once during the first time.


Why is PPPoE necessary?

1) Protection is a vital issue and PPPoE will ensure high end internet security

2) It reduces broadcast and provides end-to-end individual link

3) The extremely user friendly three-way-handshake method is used while establishing connectivity to enhance more security features

PPPoE vs Static IP Network


There is no need to put an IP address in the system of the customer. He will create a dial up on his computer or router with his own user name and password, provided by us. Post that, he can connect and browse the internet.This will automatically mitigate the chances of Broadcasting, Spoofing and Duplicate IP feature.

Static IP:

The customers have their own private IP address, which has been provided by their ISP, and in this case, they need to put it on their computer or modem, after which, they can login and browse. This may create problems and difficulties, and the risk of IP conflict will also increase the chances of broadcast in the LAN.